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Weekend Bar “Self-Service”

The Weekend Bar “Self-Service” is the perfect option for your home or rental for entertainment. Let our team shop and set up a functional bar for your next event or holiday weekend. If you want to make your own drinks but don’t want the hassle of setting everything up, we have got you covered. Our team will shop your preapproved beverage list and stock your bar with everything you need to service your guests including ice, garnishes for cocktails, glassware, mixers, and bar tools. Your guests will be able to walk up to your “Self-Service” Bar and make their favorite drink with ease.


Some of the alcohol packages include:

  • Pop & Pour Champagne Bundle – Champagne 
  • Craft Whiskey Crate – Whiskey  
  • Vino Collection – Variety of Wine
  • The Ultimate Mixer – Variety of Alcoholic Beverages